My Prophetic Touch

Module 4 Breaking Free From The Lies of Satan


One of satan’s biggest weapons is still to question your identity, and fill your mind with thoughts of low self-esteem. God sees you as royalty, but how do you see yourself? Child of God, whatever you think about the most, will be what you bring about in your life. Your mind is like a magnet that produces what it is programmed with in your life. And it always goes in the direction of your most dominant thought. In this module, you will learn satan’s strategies, and how you can disconnect yourself from his lies. Then, you can be the person you were destined to become. So get ready for the lion to rise within you, as you take this course!

– The Healing Power of Words – 11
– The Healing of the Soul – 12
– Breaking Free From satan’s Lies – 13
– Deliverance From Wrong Thinking – 14
– Renewing The Mind From satan’s Lies – 15