My Prophetic Touch

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Every believer is called to walk in the supernatural. Every believer should flow in the Spirit, cast out devils, prophesy, and heal sick. If you have a longing to find your purpose, and have a strong desire to know your destiny, this is a good place to start. This course can only give you what you invest in it. So begin each lesson prayerfully, meditating on the verses and statements. Then begin to practice the things you have learned. I cannot wait to meet you! Perhaps you can join the team, and be a part of a live miracle campaign, or crusade. So stay hungry because your future is bright! I know God has great things for you. Until then, welcome to the journey of the miraculous!

  • Carriers Of The Word Lesson 1
  • Carriers Of The Word – Lesson 2
  • Prophetic Tasks – Lesson 3
  •  Understanding the Prophetic Anointing Lesson 4
  •  Flowing in the Prophetic Streams – Lesson 5
  •  Catching Your Prophetic Flow Lesson 6
  • Spirit of Counsel – Dreams & Visions – Lesson 7
  • Spirit of Counsel – Dreams & Visions – Lesson  8
  • Spirit of Counsel – Dreams & Visions – Lesson 9
  •  Catching the Flow of the Spirit – Lesson 10
  • The Healing Power of Words – Lesson 11
  •  The Healing of the Soul – Lesson 12
  • Breaking Free From satan’s Lies – Lesson 13
  • Deliverance From Wrong Thinking – Lesson 14
  • Renewing the Mind From satan’s Lies – Lesson 15
  • The Servant Called Faith Lesson 16
  • Your Rank of Authority Lesson 17
  • Authority Through Insight Lesson 18
  • Authority Through Prophetic Prayers Lesson 19